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It’s easy to Make Magic Here. SNEAKY BIG offers full production, post-production and recording studio services including editorial, visual effects, color finishing and audio in one location. Having all of these capabilities available at your fingertips ensures convenience and completion in a timely and cost effective manner.


Our Team

SNEAKY BIG Founder, Bob Parsons

Founder - Bob Parsons

Bob Parsons always builds the best — from the world’s largest Harley-Davidson dealership to Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG), the finest golf clubs in the world — and SNEAKY BIG Studios is no exception. SNEAKY BIG is an extension of Parsons’ interest in advertising and was created to be a competitive force in the local and national markets.

SNEAKY BIG Studios is part of Parsons’ YAM Worldwide Inc. group of companies which include: BIG YAM, The Parsons Agency; PXG; Scottsdale National Golf Club; Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale; Southern Thunder Harley-Davidson; Graceland Harley-Davidson; GO AZ Motorcycles; Spooky Fast Customs; YAM Capital; YAM Properties; and the Bob and Renee Parsons Foundation.

In addition to being a marketing trailblazer, the well-known founder of GoDaddy is an avid entrepreneur, philanthropist and Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran.

SNEAKY BIG VP/General Manager, Stephen Brain

Stephen Brain

Industry veteran Stephen Brain is SNEAKY BIG’s Vice President and General Manager. Brain has more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry, managing multi-million dollar projects. Past roles include head of production for Stan Lee Media, senior vice president and general manager at Fox Animation Studios and executive vice president at Silver Pictures. Brain has worked on major productions such as “Matrix Reloaded” and “Matrix Revolutions.” He was recently elected President of the Arizona Film & Media Coalition and serves on the board of the Arizona Production Association.

SNEAKY BIG's Mascot, Ralph


Ralph was born to modest means in the hills overlooking Los Angeles. Knowing he belonged in a world of cameras and lights and endless craft service tables, he ran away to an LA-based studio, spending his days digging through garbage cans, reading scripts and toying with broken equipment.

Eventually tiring of the LA grind, smog, traffic and attitudes, he took his industry knowledge and hit the road. Looking to find beautiful, wide-open spaces with a lower cost of living and cost of production, he ended up at SNEAKY BIG Studios. It was the most technically savvy and gorgeous facility Ralph had ever seen.

These days, you can find Ralph poking around the studio or hanging out in the client lounge. Last we checked, he was cutting a demo in the recording studio.

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