Arizona is the BEST Place to Shoot Your Production, and This is Why

Sckylar Gibby-Brown / 7.19.2018

When considering where to shoot a production, Arizona is often overlooked in lieu of California, New York, and practically any other place on earth. And that’s crazy! Arizona is one of the best places to shoot a production of any type.


When I say the word “Arizona,” I bet I can guess what image immediately comes to mind. Probably dry desert, am I right? You’re probably thinking of long stretches of dusty land with tumbleweeds and tall saguaro cacti dotting the horizon. Or, maybe, you’re thinking about the beautiful red rock in Sedona. And, sure, you say, that type of landscape is great… for a western film. The thing is, Arizona is so much more than one of the most awe-inspiring deserts in the world, even if it was practically made to be a cinematographer’s paradise. No matter what kind of climate you need for your production, Arizona has a place to match it.

Lake Prescott, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona
Flagstaff, Arizona
Monument Valley, Arizona


OK, so Arizona is famous for being hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. But that’s only three months of the year. The other nine months we host an ideal average temperature of 75 and sunny. Another neat weather fact— it stays dry 299 days out of the year. That means that the chances of canceling an on-location shoot because of the weather are slim to none. But don’t worry. Just because we’re dry doesn’t mean you’re going to dehydrate. Despite the low rains, we actually have water management, unlike some other popular filming states.

Film Affiliations

A big turn off film folks have about bringing their productions to Arizona is our lack of tax incentives. And while that does bite, we are not lacking in other types of film benefits. Most of our land is free to film on. We get free use of state parks and highways, and there are many organizations waiting to help you discover more ways to save on your production. When you film in Arizona, you have the support of the Arizona Film & Digital Media Office, Phoenix Film Office, Tucson Film Office, Prescott Film Office, The Arizona Production Association, and many more administrations.

Economic Living and A Growing Talent Pool

Everyone knows that the cost of living in Los Angeles is only getting more expensive. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is almost $2,000. When you compare that to the $725 it costs to live in the same apartment in Phoenix, there is no contest. More and more people are choosing to live affordably alone in Arizona rather than with nine other people in one small house. Arizona is growing a large pool of experienced talent and crew that would rather face the heat of the desert than spend their days in L.A. traffic. With experienced talent and crew migrating from L.A. to Phoenix, and fresh new faces graduating from our state’s great film schools, Arizona has all hands on deck to crew and talent your next production.


Sneaky, what? That’s right, SNEAKY BIG Studios. SNEAKY BIG Studios is a world-class production studio hidden in plain sight in north Scottsdale, Arizona. It is the studio that will bring your stories to life. They offer cutting-edge technology in video and audio production, 3-D and virtual reality animations and post-production. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your production needs, offering the tools and talent to bring your production to fruition whether in the studio or on location.

Arizona has the location, tools, talent, and relations to make any producer’s dreams come true. We’re a 45-minute flight, or a 5-hour drive, from L.A. and have just as much to offer and at a cheaper rate than our competing states. Do you still need convincing that Arizona is the best place to film your production? I didn’t think so.