Filming Design Innovations in Education

SNEAKY BIG Staff / 12.18.2019

At SNEAKY BIG, we love visual storytelling, regardless of the format. So, we were very excited when we got the opportunity to tell a story about innovations in education through the work of school design, architecture and engineering expert DLR Group out of Kansas City.

DLR Group designed Canyon View High School in Phoenix to be a first-of-its-kind education accelerator and an open-source incubator for the art of teaching and learning. DLR and SNEAKY BIG, through the production of a 5-minute video, told the story of how innovative design helps encourage and foster student achievement.

DLR Group

After meeting with the client for the backstory, the crew went to work on scripting and developing the shot list. A big part of the focus was on the open, accessible design features within the school and the open-door concept. The production featured some of our favorite and trusted techniques and equipment, including editing on Adobe Premier.

Three cameras were used on the two-day shoot, which provided a great variety of shot options needed to do a high-quality video. A Ronin camera and a Rail Cam were used to get moving shots from room to room, to move around people smoothly and for close shots of students as they moved up and down stairways. Fixed cameras were utilized for the student and faculty interviews.

Two DJI drone cameras, a Mavik and a Phantom 4, allowed the crew to get very creative, especially with the longer outside beauty shots. Because of the school’s open concept, including the open sections of the roof, the drones flew into the school from above. It was a great way to feature a unique design.

Canyon View High School, Waddell, Arizona

DLR also played a part in the production, being extremely involved with input on the edits, both script and visuals, which proved very helpful in the finished product.  Having a very innovative design and highly involved partners – DLR and Canyon View High School – we were able to create  a video encapsulating their vision.

The video was presented during the October LearningSCAPES international conference in Phoenix, where the featured DLR-designed school won the prestigious Association for Learning Environments (ALE) James D. MacConnell Award. The award recognizes forward-thinking designs for schools that facilitate learning. ALE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to improve the places where children learn.

DLR Canyon View High School Produced By SNEAKY BIG

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