Learning How to Pivot in Production

Steve Moorman / 4.21.2020

Staying Connected with Your Audience While At Home

In response to the isolation and social distancing protocols around the country due to COVID-19, more and more people are using social media and other digital forms to stay connected and to get the word out about their businesses and governmental affairs. Public council meetings and weekly breakfast meetings are giving way to virtual alternatives. Live streaming and prerecorded messages are a very useful way to connect to the outside world in these lonely times.

Businesses and organizations are relying on social media more than ever. It can provide a personal connection to your clients and constituency. As this unprecedented situation expands into month two, more professional looks are desired and dare I say… expected. A little planning, combined with professional content creators like SNEAKY BIG, will ensure you and your team can stand out in a much more cluttered newsfeed of streamers and casters.

When the Glendale Chamber of Commerce came to SNEAKY BIG, they were looking for a way to stay in touch with their members. They were also looking for ways to let Glendale residents know that they are still working for them and that many businesses in Glendale were open and operating safely. For the past several years, the Glendale Chamber of Commerce had hosted a weekly Wednesday breakfast for its members. Each Wednesday between 60 and 80 community members and business owners would get together to connect, network and promote their businesses. Enter the pivot point… social distancing rules put a screeching halt to these gatherings, so the Chamber wanted SNEAKY BIG to help produce a program to go up on their sight on Wednesdays as a replacement for the meeting. Knowing that a video can’t replace in-person human interaction, our team went right to work.

How to Produce a Video Production While Social Distancing

After some discussions with Robert Heidt, the President and CEO of the GCC, we agreed to do a personal chat with restaurateurs for the first episode. Early on, Robert and the restauranteurs were all going to be on stage, six feet apart, to adhere to CDC guidelines. That plan was short-lived as we all had to pivot once again due to the constantly evolving situation. Shortly after deciding on a format, new, more stringent restrictions were implemented so SNEAKY BIG and the GCC pivoted to having only Mr. Heidt in the studio while the guests joined via video conference. After some coordination and testing, the guests were selected, and we were set for the first installment.

Mr. Heidt showed up about 45 minutes before the first restaurant owner was scheduled to call in and a video conference test was done using the Zoom account they had set up. Audio and video were coming in loud and clear, as expected. The SNEAKY BIG skeleton crew of two were able to set up three-point lighting, set both the camera and video callers to record to a file so the edit team could easily access the footage from home. Now, it was showtime!

President and CEO of Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Robert Heidt, ready to record for GCC’s message to Glendale.

Staying in Touch with the Community over a Digital Platform

The GCC’s first cast focused on four restaurants from four different areas of Glendale, and all were well prepared and on point. They focused on explaining how to order, new hours of operation, sanitation procedures and whether they were take-out, delivery, or both. They all were happy to be able to reach out to their customers and were grateful to the chamber for setting up such a professional cast.

Even though this was not live-streamed, which is something we love doing, the edit team trimmed the footage to make it look live. SNEAKY BIG editors added some graphics, some B-Roll of the restaurant’s décor, signage and featured dishes.

How SNEAKY BIG can Help You Connect with Your Audience

With just a little bit of effort, local government agencies, chambers and businesses can reach out directly to their audience and let them know they are still hard at work for them. By elevating the message and teaming up with SNEAKY BIG, they can stand out from the social media crowd and deliver a higher level of content. In a sea of shaky phone footage and muffled audio, SNEAKY BIG and the Glendale Chamber of Commerce have come together to deliver a clear message to the people of Glendale and beyond.

It is truly an honor to be involved in such a positive campaign, and we are honored that the Glendale Chamber of Commerce selected SNEAKY BIG as their messaging partner. If there is anything we can do to help take your message to the next level, we are thrilled to help!

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