Post-Production Syllabus

Matthew Kinnebrew / 11.26.2019

The other day I was tumbling through YouTube (shout out Tumblr) to find a new tutorial to practice animation in After Effects. After scrolling for ten minutes looking for a “new” tutorial, I realized that these tutorials only allowed me to accomplish standalone tasks. I wanted more. I wanted to train and practice the skills and principles of animation. I wanted to know the workflow and skill set needed to accomplish what I see in my head. Above all else, I wanted to have a reliable library on Post-Production knowledge. 

I chose to up my animation education. Thanks to my awesome teammates, I was led to some great learning tools. I was sent links to Grey Scale Gorilla, School of Motion, Motion Array, Udemy, and the list continued. These names are some of the educational groups that teach 2D and 3D animation, character design and animation, and a whole lot of other stuff. These online learning tools are immense, and the scale of these social post-production communities has loads of information and help to offer. 

USA Volleyball End Card

After being shown several learning options, I chose to begin my animation education with a course from the School of Motion called “Animation Bootcamp.” This course gave me exactly what I was looking for in terms of learning the concepts and executions of animation within After Effects. I still refer back to the course work to hammer home some of these keystrokes. 

Animation Bootcamp was a challenging course, and it won’t be the last one I take. I enjoyed the process and repetition. Currently, I am actively applying what I’ve learned to the motion graphics I create now. So far, I’ve been animating titles and end cards.

Glass House Smoke Shop Title Open

The Animation Bootcamp course was well worth the time. Also, all the information is mine to keep! One of my favorite pieces of homework during Animation Bootcamp was the Ping Pong assignment. This assignment required follow-through, anticipation, and other animation principles. 

In this course, I got to listen to podcasts featuring esteemed motion graphics artists. These artists gave their perspective of the industry and left links that lead the class to useful content. For me, the most helpful information was the links to other motion graphic artists and studios. These sites show off motion graphic styles and inspirations. 

Ping Pong Assignment from Animation Bootcamp

Finding these learning tools has given me peace of mind. Whenever I’m looking to hone a new post-production skill, I finally know of places to go. It is unreal how many hours there are of post-production education. 2D Motion Graphics, 3D Motion graphics, video editing, 3D lighting, sound design, you name it, I’m sure there is a course for it. So good luck to you if you’re looking to learn! 

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